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SIX WAYS TO SURVIVE A HECTIC CHRISTMASThis time of year can become very hectic, with office parties, relatives visiting, on top of your current workload and family responsibilities, can become quite overwhelming. Here are my top 6 recommendations for self care and not taking things too seriously this Christmas:

  1. Make a decision on what you will or will not do. Sometimes less is more. This means possibly lowering expectations and deciding to have a more intimate or relaxed setting for the holidays.
  2. Take time out to REALLY appreciate the true meaning of Christmas. Go watch a Christmas play, do some volunteer service or attend a church service. Incorporate times of personal reflection with you and your family to read scriptures surrounding Christ’s birth.
  3. Shop online! If you have any last minute in-store shopping to do, go as early as you can to avoid the rush.
  4. Sing Christmas Carols as often as you can. Make up your own Christmas dance. Do a little jig in the grocery store while shopping.
  5. Pace yourself, especially if you are hosting or have lined up a lot to do. Ask for help. Reward those who help you with Christmas cookies.
  6. Phone a good friend. Share a few laughs, reminisce about Christmases long, long ago.
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